Friday, January 12, 2007

A belated Coco La Ti Da review

I wrote about Sue McCown's restaurant, Coco La Ti Da, a while back, and get quite a few hits every month from people looking for more info. Sue was the pastry chef at Earth & Ocean, and has gotten quite a lot of buzz around the USA. (She was even on the Today show...)
Since the last blog entry, I've been there for dessert and can happily report that the hype for once is justified.

Coco La Ti Da focuses on dessert and is a wonderful place to head after a show, but they also serve some savoury food - see the lounge menu here. I had an amazing trio of chocolate (I think it was a Thursday special). All 3 items were good but the hot cacao was mind-blowing - it was like drinking the best chocolate bar you've ever tasted.

I look forward to my next visit!

PS: The 2nd best hot cacao I've ever had was at The Salish Lodge restaurant. It was almost too rich, and they stupidly don't allow you to just come in for dessert, so you need to find room after a full meal to squeeze it in. Apparently if you stay at the lodge you can order the cacao from room service - something to think about if I ever splurge and stay here.

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