Thursday, January 11, 2007

For comedy gold, turn to Pat Robertson

Yes, I know he's said and done some goofy things in the past that have already cemented his reputation as a comedy genius. Just this week he predicted mass killings in the US this year. (Less goofy, but hopefully no more accurate than his other predictions).

It should be no surprise then that his daily "news show", The 700 Club, is also good for a few laughs. I'd never seen it, so Yum Lass decided to record an episode which we watched yesterday. (You can watch it here)

Pat's segues between each segment are worth watching, for example this bit after a segment on a French-speaking woman that had been conveted to Christianity:

Pat: Je suis francais!
Co-host: Wow Pat, do you speak French?
Pat: Un perchais
Co-host awkwardly looks at the floor and grimaces. Pat looks sheepish.
Awkward silence...

Sadly this segment seems to be missing from the online version of the episode.

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