Sunday, January 14, 2007

Good wine under $20

I just came across this blog, which looks like a nice way to discover inexpensive wine. The articles look well-written and nicely detailed. I look forward to digging into the archive!
There's also a nice list of other wine and food blogs.

The rating system is also interesting: focusing on QPR (quality-price ratio) instead of an absolute score. From the blog:
QPR vs. Scores
Because any score is subjective, I'm experimenting on this blog with indicating QPR (quality to price ratio) rather than using a 100-point scale. Of course, this is subjective, too, but I think gives a better sense of the criteria I am using to evaluate wine. Excellent QPR designates a wine that has strong varietal characteristics and an attractive price point for that varietal. Very good QPR designates a wine with strong varietal characteristics and a less attractive price point OR moderate varietal characteristics and an attractive price point. Good QPR designates a wine that is average in varietal characteristics and price point. Poor QPR designates a wine that is not a good quality for the price paid. If you want to see a 100-point scale score generated by the tasting notes of ordinary wine drinkers (including me), check out Cellar Tracker!

On a related note, last night we went to Lola, a great mediterranean restaurant in Seattle (part of Tom Douglas' empire). The food was incredible, and the wine we chose was a nice find (at a decent price): 2005 Shooting Star Blue Franc (made from Lemberger grapes, which are called Blaufrankisch in Austria, hence the name Blue Franc). An article from 2000 about this variety's history in the Pacific NW is here.

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