Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Brand-spanking New Name

I hope you like the new name for this blog. (So far at least one person has commented positively, so that's good) I'm also trying to get RSS feeds working (via Feedburner), so hopefully IE7 will recognize this page as having a feed, and more people will potentially be able to subscribe.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Plugging my Flickr site

I have some pictures up on Flickr here.
Here's a nice one from our recent trip to South Africa on the right. (Click on the image to go to Flickr and leave a comment...)

Currently we're still going through the South Africa pictures, so there are not that many public ones, but we should have them sorted and available by the end of this week, so check back.

Flickr is truly an amazing site and makes it very easy to find interesting pictures - either using tags that people add to their photos, or groups sharing a theme, e.g.:

Redmond Saturday Market

Last Saturday we went to the Redmond farmers market for some groceries and breakfast. Their selection of fresh produce is better than the Issaquah market, which has more crafts, plants and "made things".

We had some scrumptious pancakes for breakfast (crepes, I guess, since they were made on a large flat griddle and ultra-thin). Alyssum and I shared a goat-cheese, spinach and roasted pepper crepe, and then shared a crepe suzette for dessert. (The latetr was made with yummy orange butter cream and real Grand Marnier).

Produce-wize we got lots of tomoatoes (for fresh salsa), some chillis, two bunches of baby beets, and a half-flat of raspberries. Some of the raspberries are now sitting in vodka infusing, so we'll see how that turns out. We also got some great boursin-style herbed goat cheese spread. (At $8 it was pretty pricey - why is the cheese at farmer's markets so expensive?) Plus a great bunch of flowers that is lasting well so far...

Other markets I'd like to try are the Columbia City market that Seattle Bon Vivant often writes about. (I don't shop with $60+ tote bags, though)

Other markets: