Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Be it hereby resolved that

in 2007, I shall:
  • Be more healthy and active. Gym or equivalent exercise 3 times a week.
  • Meditate more often - I felt it made a noticeable difference when I did it once a week a few years ago. Once a week for starters would be good, although daily would be better.
  • Brush up my French - 5 years of it in high school means I have the basics, and it's a pity to let it continue to rust away. I'll aim for speaking and reading/writing fluency by the end of the year.
  • Travel somewhere fun - outside the US, somewhere I've not yet been.
  • Get the house in good shape - While the house is fine (and feel more like hom every day) it needs some TLC. We need a new fence, outside painting, some lawn rejuvenation. Bathroom remodel(s) would be nice too. Maybe windows too? (gulp!)
  • Kick arse at work (preferrably not my own). No more wabbing*, no more procrastination. Work is actually fun when you get down to it and don't have self-imposed nightmare deadlines. :)
  • Really appreciate my Yum Lass - s'good, s'nice to be with her.
  • Teach Army Don to read. Maybe he can teach me how to write in return?

*Wabbing - Exhibiting Work Avoidance Behaviour.

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Joy to the World said...

Awww, that so sweet!