Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ek herhaal jou*

* (Afrikaans) = I repeat you

I've been enjoying two CDs by Chris Chameleon that I got from CD Baby recently, one of which is titled "Ek herhaal jou". It features songs using the poems by South African poet Ingrid Jonker (Wikipedia entry). I had forgotten that Nelson Mandela read her poem, The Child, in the original Afrikaans when he opened the first session of parliament after he was elected.
She was awarded the South African National Order of Merit in 2004. (More info on her, but in Dutch, here)

There a story here about Chris' move from his previous band Boo! to this particular project.

PS: Look for a copy of her poems in English from a local library by going here.

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Sinudeity said...

Good to hear, you haven't forgotten...