Thursday, April 26, 2007

Vancouver, eh?

I was in Vancouver BC last week for a conference and padded out my stay so that A and I could spend the weekend there together. We had a great time over the weekend, with the only wrinkle being some "fun" during the drive back down to Seattle.

The drive back was already destined to be "fun" after my car was broken into on Thursday mornin (while parked in the hotel parking lot!) I was not a happy camper when I found out about the break-in and had to rush down to the hotel lobby at 6am on Thursday morning. Luckily, I had nothing of any real value in my car - the thief only stole small transmitter I use to listen to my Zen Micro (MP3 player) in the car. Aparently, Vancouver has a huge drug problem and petty theft (especially car break-ins) is a big problem.

My car looked pretty sad - the thief had tried to pry open the passenger door using some tool, and fr@cked up the door frame nicely. He* had also tried to do something to the door near the lock, which ended up seperating the metal in the door panel. Finally, he decided to break the passenger window, and grab his loot...

The hotel did a quick patching job with a sheet of plastic and duct tape, but for the long ride down I knew I needed something tougher, so I ended up buying a roll of clear duct tape and taping the heck out of the window. It actually looked quite nice - a bit like a pale curtain. (Of course, looking into my side mirror was now not possible, but hey - that's what passengers in the back seats are for!)

I'm happy to say we all made it back from Vancouver safely, and didn't have any problems crossing the border, even with the sad state of my car...

In closing, my advice to you, if you're visiting Vancouver and are thinking of driving up:
  1. Take the train or bus up instead and rent a car in Vancouver. (Make sure you have insurance coverage for the rental too)
  2. If you really want to drive up in your own car, make sure the hotel you stay in has decent security in their parking lot! :)

Next up, a quick list of the discoveries and fun places we went to in Vancouver.

* Hotel security saw the thief fleeing the scene, and said he was male...

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