Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kubuntu and VPC - keyboard woes solved

A while back I posted about running Kubuntu under Virtual PC, and mentioned keyboard weirdness I was seeing. Specifically, keys would randomly repeat as if the keys were sticking. This turns out to be a common complaint, and one suggestion I found was to tweak the keyboard settings in Kubuntu.

It turns out this works perfectly. So the two options are:

  1. Completely disable repeating keystrokes (so you'll only get one keystroke no matter how long the key is held down for). This works fine, but is a little irritating.
  2. Increase the time before a key will start repeating. I think the default is small (60ms) - make it larger and the problem should go away.

To get into the keyboard settings on Kubuntu, log in to KDE, go to System Settings and then Keyboard.

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