Monday, April 02, 2007

Kids today make me feel old

This weekend, Yum Lass and I were looking after her nieces and decided to hed down the local animal shelter to look at dogs. We all jumped into Lass' car with the girls in the back, and were en route when the eldest niece (who is 8) asked "What is this for?" - pointing at the handle to wind the window up and down.

Now, I've never thought about it much, but you have to try pretty hard nowadays to buy a car that has manual windows. The nieces have obviously never been in a car that had them, and to her the handle was some freakish thing with a mysterious purpose. I'm old enough to know what the handle does (and to think that powered windows are a luxury feature).

The eldest niece was quite pleased to discover that we had no way to prevent her from winding the window down (Haha! No window locks!) - doing things the old-fashioned way has it's advantages.

On a related note, she also had to figure out how to lock the door using the antediluvean knob.

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