Monday, April 16, 2007


So, this will be a rather odd blog entry. Perhaps you've come to expect that by now? :)

Let's take a little "random walk" around the web together.
First, I stumbled on a trailer for the movie Eagle vs Shark - a quirky film from New Zealand. I was intrigued to see who was behind this, so over to the IMDB main page for the film, where we see Taika Cohen wrote and directed it.

Taika also acted in a NZ documentary called Frodo Is Great... Who Is That?!! (aka FIGWIT)
The "who is that" is Bret McKenzie, a NZ actor that had a small part in one of the Lord of the Rings films. It looks like he has quite a large fan following!

He's also part of the NZ comedy music duo, Flight of the Conchords. (The other member is the actor from Eagle vs Shark!)
Flight of the Concords are very, very funny. There's a lot of video of them on the 'net, but these two are hand-selected by me for your viewing pleasure:
  1. Business Time
  2. Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenocerous

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