Thursday, April 12, 2007

"This will be brief"

A certain wine retailer (which shall remain nameless) has again managed to be both amusing and slightly irritating at the same time. From a recent email from them:

This will be brief as I’m boarding a plane ...

"OK... Why don't you hang on to the email and send it once you land?", I wondered. It's not like this is super-urgent, surely? (The wine is not likely to evaporate while you travel...)

The snippet above hints at these meanings:

  1. I'm very busy and very important, so you're best off reading this brief email now, since I'll be too busy later to write up a longer one.
  2. I'm so cool I get to travel by air all the time! Do you want to be cool like me? Buy some wine, then!

In case that didn't make you smirk, here's some wine-speak silliness from the same email:

with a dancing personality and the tell-tale aromatics of pepper and flowers (with a fair dose of freshly sifted oregano and thyme)

Ah yes, always sift your herbs, mes amis!

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