Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Wine for Men that enjoy being Men

Ready for some wine that'll put hair on your chest and strip the grease off your intake valves? Ray's Station has started a wine advertising campaign targeting men explicitly. Gems from the BBC news story:

  • No white wines - they're for the ladies only, apparently. (I guess that goes for rosé too)
  • No pinot noir - it's too light and delicate.

The BBC story mentions wines from other countries that use "silly names" to attract customers, including "Goats do Roam" from South Africa. An earlier news story talked about how wine that uses animals on the label sell better than wines without.

My prediction is that soon we'll see techy geek wines and anime-themed wines to appeal to Microsofties. How about some Chardonnay Champloo or Parity Error Pinotage?

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