Thursday, April 06, 2006

Decoding the cherry nose

Reading and decoding wine reviews can be tricky or just downright amusing. Take some of these for example:
  • This is a sultry, sensual wine with a huge palate presence of smoked meat and spice. Velvety red fruits literally spill from its sides.
  • ...thick with flavour yet chocked with interest, the plummy, meaty, peppery drive aided by gorgeous flourishes of tar, sap, violets and reduced pan juices. The tannin make-up is exemplary, as is the cedary, suave, quality oak. Is it bitter on the finish? Yes, but in a sophisticated way.
This audio segment from NPR's Weekend Edition tackles this topic: has what looks like a comprehensive glossary of wine-tasting terminology. Now to write a review that would put Parker to shame! :)

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