Friday, April 28, 2006

Tasting notes and some slang from down under

Just a reminder that I tend to not post wine tasting notes here anymore, instead I put them up on Cellartracker. I just added a note for 2002 Larrikin Shiraz (Barossa Valley, Australia). It's very yummy!

Here's are my notes from April. (Yikes, that's a lot of wine!)

Interestingly, the word larrikin is Aussie slang, and pops up on quite a few wines from down under. (For example, there's Mount Langi Ghiran Larrikin Shiraz ) Some info on the origin and meaning of larrikin is here. Oddly enough, it looks like larrikin means the same thing as tsotsi! :)

PS: Unrelated to wine, but an Aussie at work used the term flat stick today, in this context: "We have a couple of emergencies, so the team is flat stick at the moment". No, it's not a reference to ice hockey, here's info indicating it means "flat-out" or at full speed. I'll have to ask Michael Quinion what the origin is...

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