Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What's your daemon?

What's your familiar or daemon?

As part of the marketing for the up-coming movie of The Golden Compass, the movie website has one of those ubiquitous questionnaires that ends up telling you what your deamon is. This one is a little more slick and polished than most (with nice graphics), and also alows you to post the results for your friends to "correct". (So you can't get away with calling yourself modest, good-looking and talented...)

My daemon came out as a snow leopard after going through the questions... Let's see if it stays that way after the hordes on the Intrawebs give their feedback.

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The Sweet Kid said...

My daemon is Anwyn the mouse. She's kinda shy, but will easily socialize with most other daemons, especially if the other daemon's host is my friend. But, then again, most peoples daemons are invisible to me. She loves hiding the hood of my sweatshirt, and whispers to me from there...