Thursday, May 03, 2007

Another excuse to eat out a lot in Seattle

I've only just recovered from the March 25/$25 promotion, and now I see there's a new promotion running through May: New Urban Eats: 3 courses for $30.

The restaurant list is interesting - lots of new places I've not yet been to, and no overlap with 25/$25, so I'm tempted to try a few... I've been to Lola a few times and had great food. Their menu for this promotion looks OK (but I'm not sure they have vegetarian options?)
Crush, and Barolo look interesting. Luciano gets a recommendation from folks at work, and Sip is a new place in the Issaquah Highlands, which is nearby so worth a look...

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SabraGirl said...

This is why you are so cool! Okay, if you and A need some partners in crime, J and I are totally in! I'd love to try Crush as I keep hearing great things about it.