Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summer wine time

Summer has arrived in Seattle, with temperatures in the 90's F (above 32 C).

For me that means I move away from my usual predilection for red wines and start drinking white and rosé.

Now, my small wine collection is sadly lacking in rosé wines (as in I have none). Rosé wines seem to have a reputation in the USA (and even back in South Africa) as cheap, sweet wines for ladies (or gents) that don't like "real wine". I beg to differ... While sweet rosé is not my thing, I really enjoy a good dry rosé. I've heard some good things about the Toad Hollow "Eye of the Toad" Pinot Noir Rosé, and hope to try it out this summer.

I enjoyed my first real "summer wine" last night - a fun, delicious off-dry German riesling: 2005 Saint M (from the Pfalz region). I gave it a highly scientific 88 points. A little simple and "one-dimensional" maybe, but then I don't expect anything too complex from a summer quaffer.
If you're keen to try some, I got mine from the Larry's Market in Redmond a while back...

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