Monday, May 21, 2007

The Twisted Cork

There's a relatively new wine bar in downtown Bellevue called the Twisted Cork. (At least, I think it's new, since I have not seen it before or heard about it much.)
One reason it's escaped my notice until now is that it's tucked away in the Hyatt Regency Hotel - a short walk from Bellevue Square. (See the Seattle Weekly review here).

Gor bless 'em - they have a Pinotage section in their wine list! (Admittedly they only have two , but I'll take what I can get...) They get more credit for having a few other South African wines on their list :)

PS: May 23-27th is the Culinary & Wine Showcase, spread out over the 3 shopping malls in downtown Bellevue - more info here.

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