Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Two wine-related stories on Slate

Just a quick pointer to two recent articles on Slate about wine:

I've always liked Cabernet Franc's. Mike Steinberger describes it better than I ever could in the above article:

"Along with the usual cherry-and-berry aromas, cabernet franc normally sends up a seductive whiff of herbs, spices, and violets. I get particularly weak-kneed about its sweet tobacco scent (perhaps because my childhood was spent in a cloud of cigar smoke). But the gratification isn't confined to the nose; in cooler climates, at least, cabernet franc yields pleasingly crisp, somewhat rustic wines that stand in welcome contrast to your garden-variety fruit bombs."

I've only got a couple of Cab Franc's at the moment (one from the Vin du Lac winery in Washington state, another from the Loire valley).

"... the most eagerly awaited Judgment of Paris re-creation is the one being held today—an event organized primarily by Spurrier that is taking place simultaneously in London and Napa. Once more, an impressive panel has been assembled, although this one is not exclusively French; the judges include Vannequé; two British masters of wine, Jancis Robinson and Michael Broadbent; and the journalist Michel Bettane, often called France's Robert Parker. With a few exceptions, the wines are equally stellar. However, unlike the original Judgment of Paris, which became controversial only after the fact, the sequel has been plagued with problems from the outset. "

Update: 5/25/2006: American Wine wins again.

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