Thursday, May 04, 2006

Current reality TV addictions

So, there are a few interesting reality-TV shows on at the moment that I'm enjoying. I don't like most of the shows with gross challenges, lots of personal in-fighting and backstabbing, or stupid challenges. I tend instead to like food-related competitions (hello Iron Chef - the original series, not Iron Chef America) or historical shows (putting modern people into historical recreations).

So, currently, we're watching:
  1. Top Chef (Bravo). A fairly fun cooking-challenge show (not as good as Hell's Kitchen, though). Thank heaven Stephen finally got booted out - he's a pompous ass! :)
  2. Texas Ranch House (PBS). In the tradition of The Pioneer House, Edwardian Country House nd the 1940's House, this show puts a motley collection of cowboy wannabe's out on a huge ranch in Texas, along with a rancher and his family.
  3. Jamie's School Lunch Project (TLC). Jamie Oliver takes on British government school lunches, and tries to make healthy food for 65p a portion. So far, he's run up against several problems: kids don't like his fancy veggie-laden food, he tends to be way over budget, is disorganized and gets the food out late, and the kitchen staff is a bit of a thorn in his side. Lots of interesting details make this more of a documentary than a reality-TV show. Excellent so far!

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Joy to the World said...

The Old West house ain't got nothin on 1940 house though.

Also, I hate, hate, hated, Stephen. I wish they would have boiled him instead of just sending him home.