Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jamie Oliver's School Lunch Project wraps up

It was great to see that Jamie won two BAFTA awards for the series. And the FeedMeBetter website won a Webby award.

We just watched the last episode of this series last night, and it was great! The series ended on an optimistic but unresolved note when the secretary of education, Charles Clarke, after agreeing to push for more funding and healthier food in schools, was demoted after the prisoner scandal. It looks like there have been two subsequent secretaries of education after Clarke. From this report:
"[Jamie] complained that three Education secretaries have done little to sort out the problem. He said at the Bafta ceremony: "The day after I met Charles Clarke, he got moved on. Then I got to know Ruth Kelly and she's got moved on. There's always the same bloody excuse, which is, 'I've just started.'"

It seems like he has won the funding battle despite the high turnover in the government.

On a related note, Nora was the dinner lady that Jamie first worked with and had a hard time winning over. She later became his greatest ally and helped convince the kids to eat his food, and also get other dinner ladies on board. (Probably the weirdest thing that this series brought to my attention is that most kids today refuse to eat anything that isn't junk food. Watch the series and you'll see what I mean...) Anyway, Nora now has her own website and a cookbook. Go Nora!

PS: It'll be interesting to see what his podcast, due later this year, is like.

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::Wendy:: said...

it's really heartwarming to see a celebrity use his skills to make such a fundamental change, by mixing entertainment with information and making things happen. Jamie's a real hero. UK diner ladies are a phenomenon...