Tuesday, May 09, 2006

SA blog and the Riebeek Valley Olive Festival

I just came across this nice SA blog. They have an interesting story about Tourist Radio - a nifty idea! A GPS receiver in the car feeds your position into what sounds like radio recorder that receives updated information over the regular FM radio network. When you are in a point of interest, the system switches over to the recorded content for that location. It can also predict where you're headed based on GPS data and give you "tour guide"-like updates. ("On your left is blah blah"). Of course, I suspect this will all be based on people paying advertising fees, so don't expect to discover a cool local restaurant or local museum...

The blog also have some entries specific to the Swartland, and mention the recent Olive Festival held in the valley where my mom lives. Too bad it's over already, but I don't think many readers of my blog were in a position to make it down to the festival. :)

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