Thursday, February 23, 2006

Random links and musings

Some random links and musing today...
  • Volkswagen has a funny advertising campaign, Un-pimp my ride
  • Thomas Jefferson's love affair with wine
  • Acidity makes wine delicious
  • Steph gives Salish Lodge a thrashing in her Valentine's Day review. To be fair, M+S are incredibly hard to please... I've been here only once and thought it was good, but overpriced. Their hot chocolate is absolutely incredible, though - think Starbuck's Chantico but better, and made at your table. We asked if we one could come just for dessert, but the waiter snootily said that luxury was only available to guests staying in the lodge. (Dumb attitude...)
    Have you been to Salish Lodge? What did you think?
  • We're off to Portland tomorrow for a long weekend. This will be my second visit to the city, and I'm looking forward to visiting Powell's, the Japanese garden, and exploring downtown on foot. Perhaps I'll post pics next week :)

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