Friday, February 17, 2006

Cheese and wine reunited after brief hiatus

There was a minor upset in the wine bogging sphere last month when a university study supposedly concluded that red wine and cheese did not mix well. The same sentiment was echoed in Kevin Johnson's book "How to Enjoy Your Wine", in which (if my memory serves me well) that most reds don't pair with strong cheeses well, and a better pairing is a sweet white wine like a Sauternes.

Well, trusty Slate sets the record straight: Say Cheese! Turns out it goes fine with red wine.
when I spoke Tuesday with professor Hildegarde Heymann, who supervised the study, she told me that the New Scientist had misinterpreted the results, which will be published in full next month in the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture (alas, not available on newsstands).

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Joy to the World said...

Well THANK GOODNESS. I was really worried for a moment there. Pretty soon they'll be saying that pickles don't taste good with icecream, and I'll have to give that up too.