Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blind tasting wine glasses

When most people do a blind tasting they simply put the bottle of wine in a paper bag and pour it incognito for their guests. If you are lucky you might have someone else select the wines and pour them for you in another room (This is what {A} and {R} did a while back when we threw a blind tasting party).

However, if you have a lot of money and not much sense, you are probably wondering "What can I do that will make me look extra cool?" Riedel have the answer for you: Blind Tasting Glasses. I quote:

Riedel has introduced a jet-black glass called the Blind Blind Tasting Glass. In addition to concealing wines' grape, type, region, producer and vintage, as is the case in normal blind tastings, this glass hides wines' color, (white, red or rosé), depth of color, clarity, brilliance, and effervescence.

PS: If you are a Gary Vaynerchuck fan, you might be interested in this event in Seattle on June 28th. I can't make it, so if you go, be sure to ask him what he thinks about the blind tasting glasses and let me know.


:: Wendy :: said...

interesting. I thought wine as a sensual experience where the visuals (colour, clarity) actually enhanced the perception of flavour.... hy not just suck it up a staw to avoid accidentally seeing some colour as you lift the glass to your mouth.... I can't help thinking that the 'tasting' ceremony has rather lost its soul with this glass. Defintiely black!

Anna said...

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