Friday, March 23, 2007

San Francisco food: XYZ Restaurant

I've just returned from a fun trip to San Francisco (I attended Security Opus)

This was my second trip to SF, which I heartily recommend as a fun place to visit, if you haven't ever been. I got the chance to eat at a few interesting places during this trip, which is the focus for this blog entry. I'll also briefly mention some fun places I walked by or heard about, but wasn't able to visit this time around. (Think of these as to-do entries)

First up :

XYZ Restaurant in the W Hotel, where I had dinner late on Sunday nigh, after arriving from the airport. This place (like the entire W) tries desperately to be fashionable and trendy, and ends up being overpriced and not that good.

I started out with an interesting-sounding roasted beet and goat cheese (Humbolt fog) salad, but the salad featured rocket and a powerful vinaigrette, so the beets and goat cheese were totally overpowered.

I chose lobster ravioli for my main course, and this was truly bad - I was ready to send it back, but the waiter never came around to check how it was, and I was so hungry I decided to just eat the best of it and get to bed. The ravioli were very undercooked and chewy, and had almost no filling. The sauce was thin and watery, without an off-putting flavour (boiled lobster shells, but not good). All this was accompanied by thumping dance music from the adjoining bar, and prompt but impersonal service. Including a glass of average rose, the total was $58.00, which is pretty steep given the poor quality.

Overall, not a place I'd recommend. Breakfast there the next morning was OK, but did little to make me change my mind about this place.

Verdict: Style without substance

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