Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More Enomatic news

I came across this website for a chain of wine stores in South Africa that use the Enomatic wine dispensers (like Vino Venue). They're definitely catering to the well-heeled set (with a location in Cavendish Square in Cape Town), but I have to wonder why Seattle doesn't have anywhere like this yet? (Or perhaps we do, but I just don't know about it?)

Maybe the new Woodinville Village development will get one?


Carrie said...

Sigh, find out how much the Enomatic is. Then we can torture ourselves thinking up a fantasy wine bar business plan.

Mark said...

I pinged the W coast agent, we'll see what they say. I hear they're damned expensive...

I also have some ideas on ways to improve the dispensers, perhaps we should make our own? :)