Wednesday, September 27, 2006

On statisics and Google's RSS feed reader

My hosting company doesn't provide any visitor tracking/web stats solution, so I've been blissfully unaware of how many people read this blog, or where they come from.
A few days ago, {A} was asking how she could add some sort of tracking to her Blogger blog, which made me think there had to be free hit counters she could use. A uick web search found , which is actually quite impressive in terms of features.
The free version has a limit of tracking only the last 100 visitors, but that's fine for me.
In the coming weeks I'll post some interesting info, like Wendy has done in the past.

Looking at the info Statcounter had for my blog, I noticed someone had come to me via Google's RSS reader. I must be living under a rock, because this is new to me. I tried it out and in 3 minutes had set up all the feeds I currently track in Newsgator. If you're not using a RSS feed tracker/aggregator already, check out the Google reader. I think it rocks!

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