Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Guy's Guide to Wine

I had to laugh when I saw the Guy's Guide to Wine insert in a past issue of Stuff magazine*. This is wine marketing for the typical college goofball that likes beer, football and scantily-clad women. Wine marketing for Stuff readers.

The copy was, of course, utter piffle, but worth a laugh.
Sadly, the online version is still not available. I've checked for the past few weeks and still get the "Coming very soon" page. Come on Dancing Bull, we _needs_ it! :)

Maybe like Raymond I should do a "Days without Guy's Guide to Wine" page? (He did a "Days without a pony" page...)

* Disclaimer:
Lest you worry about my poor taste in periodicals, rest assured I have never payed for a copy of Stuff. They started sending it to me for free a few years ago in my condo - I guess I matched their demographic in terms of age? It also probably helps boost their ABC-audited circulation numbers. And the thing is 80% advertising, so it doesn't cost them anything to print free copies.
If you are paying for Stuff magazine, perhaps you should give them a call?


Joy to the World said...

Don't believe him people! He pays for the thing, and then when it arrives, he runs up stairs to read it with a cackle of glee.

::Wendy:: said...

merely having a discourse about it perpetuates its existence. disappointing, if based in reality made more true by its perpetual use