Friday, September 22, 2006

More Pandora fun

Drool: over this
Hooking up one of these to my stereo* would allow listening to Pandora, podcasts (like NPR), and music on my computer upstairs. Mmmm....

Listen: to this
My most successful Pandora station to date. The secret? Just add one band. Can you guess which one?

* And, as luck would have it, my old mini-stereo ( a 7-year-old JVC box) now is unable to play CDs, so the universe is prodding me in the direction of a new A/V receiver and CD/DVD player thingy... (Maybe all-in-one, like this one, although that seems a tad expensive?)


Joy to the World said...

Oh dear...

Anonymous said...

If you like Pandora, you might like this "toy" I made for browsing Pandora stations.

I describe it here.