Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Viking Marching Band

At Keshav & Carrie's New Year's Eve party, Ramsey suggested we check out this video (alternate link and more info here)
Warning: weird music and animation, SFW though...

In honour of the movie, we came up with this cocktail that evening:

The Viking Marching Band
1 Mandarin orange, juiced (in South Africa, you'd use a naartjie)
1 shot of vodka (you know you want the good stuff...)
1/2 shot rum (spiced dark rum is best)
splash of grenadine syrup (less really is more in this case)
Pomegranate juice (4 oz / 125 ml or so)

Mix everything in a shaker with ice, and shake well. Pour into a martini glass.

These were really popular... hic!

1 comment:

Joy to the World said...

Mmmm, the Marching Band. I like this drink with Cherry vodka especially. I didn't see any colored streams of light though.