Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The joys of posting

So, a quick note on why I've been quiet for so long (and why suddenly there are posts a-flowing).
The posting woes were not over, it seems. For some reason, Blogger is still unable to re-publish my entire blog - I can post new entries, but changing the template requires you to re-publish everything, and this then dies after 20-30% is copied up to my server.

The problem seems to be my web host, since normal FTP operations from IE, ftp.exe or other client, get dropped after a few operations. So...
Short-term solution: manually re-post all entries, and don't muck with the temlate for now.
Long-term solution: move my domain to a new hosting company. (It looks like Yahoo! may win - they're cheap, offer lots o' storage and bandwidth, and now have Moveable Type (blogging software) as an option.

Does anyone have any tips on how to export my Blogger postings and upload them easily to Movable Type if I choose to go that route?


::Wendy:: said...

I asked for a quote based on having enjoyed reading blogs they support. They very politely (funny and perosnably) told me they were too busy to take on new work before March and suggested I ask for a quote from jen at

I havent done a thorough price-compare... just looked at the design of existing blogs

Mark said...

Ta. I'm mainly looking for good web hosting. Yahoo came out tops in the brief search I did, and have the added benefit of supporting Movable Type, so if I get sick of Blogger, I can use that instead (and not wrestle with installing anything myself).