Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Case of the Weird Copenhagen

Almond Copenhagen
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Yesterday {A} an I were out and about and stopped off at Tully's (a local coffee chain). I noticed this odd-looking copenhagen in their pastry fridge and felt compelled to take a picture :)

This reminded me of the "real" copenhagens from my childhood in SA, especially the ones my mom used to get for her coffee shop in Cape Town. I think she got hers from a nice little bakery in town called French's, and they looked more like this...

Now that's what a copenhagen should look like! For extra yumminess you could get these toasted - they'd be cut in half and toasted on one of those large flat-top sandwich grills and then covered with butter. Ahh....


Anonymous said...

What should a real almond copenhagen look like? The ones at Tully's are delicious (maybe a little too sweet). I have also seen the copenhagens at IKEA and they look the same. If you can locate a recipe for me too, I would really appreciate that.

Leroy Chin
Seattle, WA

Mark said...

Hi Leroy

Thanks for the comment! To be honest, I don't know what a real one should look like, not having been to Denmark myself :) I think my post was mainly reminiscing about my youth in Cape Town, and of course the copenhagens I had there will always be "the real ones" :)

The pastry I am remembering was more like a yeast bun with some spices, currants and (I think) citrus peel in it, topped with sugar. So, it is probably not very typical of a real "copenhagen" pastry. On the web, you seem some nice pics of cinammon rolls that look a little like what I am thinking of - except the ones I had were more bread-like.
(e.g. this pic on flickr)

For recipes, I found this set of Danish cake/pastry recipes: (e.g. the Kanelboller recipes)