Friday, December 07, 2007

Office make-over

On Wednesday morning, after the ice-hockey game, I came in to work to find my office door looked a bit different:

Christmas Office Door 1

The entire door was wrapped in gift wrap and had a nice bow around it. Inside, I found almost every object in my office wrapped in gift wrap! My chair, notice boards, monitors, keyboard and mouse, even my (empty) water cup and pen! This picture doesn't really do it justice (and I had unwrapped a few things by the time it was taken), but you get a rough idea:

Christmas Office 3   Christmas Office 6Christmas Office 5

I had no idea who had done this (yes, I'm slow) - initially thinking my boss or colleagues were pranking me. Then I recognized a few holiday decorations from our house (the reindeer), and a note on one monitor finally solved the mystery: My fiancee and friends had pranked me while I was out watching the ice-hockey! (It turns out they were not all watching the Sound of Music as they had said....)

Thanks to all the "naughty people" that did this! It was a huge surprise and made my day!

In closing, here's the light-up snowman head:

Christmas Office 4

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Carrie said...

Giggle, that was too much fun!

The hills are alive... with the sound of pranking...