Monday, December 10, 2007

Costco spam

Sigh... I love the marketing spam many companies feel inclined to send their customers. Costco is one of the more persistent ones, sending a weekly email advertising their latest Chinese imports. As is legally required, they include an "unsubscribe" link in the email, and I tried (in vain) to unsubscribe today.

  1. You can't unsubscribe by replying to their email. You must click on a link they provide in the email...

  2. The unsubscribe link is invalid and clicking on it does nothing. (The URL starts with "../" which is not a good sign :) )

  3. Their email includes a customer service email address, so I sent them a request to send me working unsbscribe link...

  4. This is the reply I got from the customer service "robot" :

  5. Thank you for contacting note your e-mail has not been submitted to customer service as we have upgraded our e-mail system.Simply click here and follow 3 easy steps to submit your question. Our goal is to provide immediate assistance and continue to add features to improve the customer service experience.If the above link does not work, paste the following link into your browser:

    This is an automated response and any replies sent will not receive assistance.


    Costco Wholesale

  6. Clicking on the link they provide eventually leads to nice error message:

Frack me, but they've managed to make this way more complicated than needed. I guess they really don't want you to unsubscribe!!!??

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