Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Stomhoek tasting party pics

So, I've finally put some pictures of the tasting party up online:

Stormhoek Tasting Party Group Photo

Stormhoek Wine

The Spread


Focusing more on the wines than I did in this previous post, I was pleasantly surprised with the Stormhoek wines. Being free, it's hard to know how they did in terms of bang for the buck, but in terms of taste, they were all very pleasant, easy-drinking, and tasy.

My favourite white was the Sauvignon Blanc - light, crisp and slightly grassy with a hint of melon. Others preferred the Pinot Grigio, which was had hints of citus and minerals. The Pinot Grigio seemed a little "thin" to me...
The Pinotage was really nice - smooth, fine tannins and very fruit-forward. Usually Pinotage is a little harsh (I've only drunk it young), spicy and can be a little "green", although usually in a good way! (Yes, I think it's possible for red wine to be "green" in a good way). The pinotage was almost too fruit-forward for my liking - it became less regognizable as pinotage and tended towards the fruity merlots that abound. Still, I'd happily drink this over most cheap merlots and shirazes.

Overall, I'd give the Stormhoek wines scores in the upper-80's, and definitely buy them if they're in the $10-15 price range. Now to see how much they actually do retail for!

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