Friday, August 04, 2006

An interesting article on French wine and consumers, and international tastings over the years

I found this article today: French Wine Producers and Consumers (
While I haven't had time to read it and digest it fully, it looked interesting enough to post. I was talking about the 1976 Paris Wine Tasting with friends last weekend during our tasting party, and the article covers that event (plus others):

But some may say this is natural. Isn't French wine the best in the world? Knowledgeable people haven't believed this myth since the Paris Wine Tasting in 1976, at which time French wines were pitted against California wines, in that tasting, a California red took first place and California Chardonnays won first, third and fourth place in the white wine category. And many other countries around the world similarly produce award-winning wines as well. (Details of the Paris Wine Tasting in 1976 are found below.)
Automaker Henry Ford is reputed to have said that customers could buy any color Ford car they wanted so long as it was black. The attitude of French wine producers similarly seems to be "if we don't produce it, you don't need it." Unfortunately, it's the innocent French consumer who is deprived of choice.

Wikipedia has entries on the '76 and 30th anniverary tasting this year.

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