Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Stormhoek 100 Geek Wine Dinner Party Thingy

I'm taking part in the 100 Geek Dinners in 100 Days thang.
I just heard from Jason that my wine is on its way! So, if it arrives in time, I'll be serving it on Friday as part of A's birthday celebrations. Otherwise we'll do something later in July (after the 4th of July and Oregon Country Fair madness dies down...) As luck would have it, my mom will be visiting during July, and she lives within 100 miles of the winery.

Update: 7/20/2006
"Ze wine, she is here!" I'm bringing it along to C's "We Miss Battlestar Galactica" party on Friday, and looking forward to trying the Pinotage in particular, what with all the boosting it's getting on the Stormhoek blog. If you're in need of a maddeningly catchy song, try this. (OK, it goes on a bit too long, but it's cute...)

Update: 7/21/2006
"No wine for you!" We* forgot to bring the wine along for tonight's shindig, so we're back to a future event. Probably next weekend...

* No, not the royal "We", but I was meant to remind A to take it with her when she headed out this afternoon, and I left it too late. She was on the road, stuck in traffic and sans vin, before I had called her.

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