Monday, June 05, 2006

Food in Disneyland, and other interesting foody rants

I took a quick trip over to TastingMenu today and scanned this ranty-pants entry on Disneyland food.
"The food at Disneyland is the most cynical food I have ever seen. Heaps and heaps of fried food. Tons of yucky crap prepared way in advance and reheated "a la minute". It is lowest common denominator food. Fat, salt, and sugar molded into "pleasing" shapes with Mickey ears. This is the food that is killing America."

There's certainly some nasty food (think caffeteria pizza-slice, fries and pre-made hamburgers). But I think there's some decent stuff too, if you look around. A is a Disneyland expert, and being vegetarian, she had to hunt for something good to eat over the years. The secret: Creole veggie gumbo at the Blue Bayou Grotto. The disadvantage is that you don't have much of a view since the restaurant is inside, and getting in can be tricky. Looking at this menu, there are a few other options...

Thanks to that entry, I discovered what looks like an excellent blog: Casing the Joint
"Why 95% of US Restaurants Suck and How We Learn Not to Notice" will give you an idea of the author's philosophy. There are also some nice entries on Real Ale, and a vegan brewmaster's dinner.

And speaking of things vegan, if you haven't seen the Vegan Lunch Box yet, now is your chance. What will Jennifershmoo do during the summer vacation?

Lots to read and digest...

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Joy to the World said...

You can also get gumbo at an outdoor restaurant in New Orleans Square. It's true that the food is not very good, but if you are saavy there are a few options... The main point is that YAY YOU ARE AT DISNEYLAND! Who cares if you need to bring some clif bars.