Friday, October 21, 2005

Bought a house!

Yes, A and I made an offer last Friday and it was accepted! We're almost 7 days into the process after our offer was accepted last Staurday!

  • The house is really nice, still! I was wondering if I'd get cold feet when we went during the house inspection.
  • Speaking of the inspection, it went fairly well. The roof needs replacing, but we pretty much knew that. The siding on the southern side needs paining this year and some boards need replacing next year.
  • The furnace needs a service
  • The water heater is old (20 years old!) It's a miracle it hasn't died yet!
Now there's no excuse for not getting the condo ready for sale. So, we've rented storage and spent a busy Tuesday night moving many large and heavy things into storage. This weekend will be spent moving more stuff, and doing some work on the condo.

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