Friday, August 21, 2009

The Ultimate Yuppie Gym

I was amused to see an advert for a new gym in Bellevue that is due to open in the new Bravern building soon. The gym, the first West Coast location in the David Barton Gym chain, makes most five-star hotels look shabby. Not surprisingly, it will share The Bravern with Neiman Marcus (a.k.a. "Needless Markup"), and Microsoft.

Barton was quoted saying , “My new gym will be so inspiring that even techies will start looking like their fantasy characters.” For a look at what the new gym will look like, see the gallery on their website.

The terms "ostentatious" and "poor taste" come to mind, but I'm sure nouveau riche Seattleites will be keen to show off by going to this gym. Just another sign that some people have more money than sense.


Anonymous said...

Do we still have "nouveau riche"? Seems they would have made their riches 10~15 years ago.

Carrie said...

I just don't understand how The Bravern thinks it's going to appeal to a stereotypical Eastsider: nerdy, has money but doesn't need to show it off, wouldn't waste $ at Neiman Marcus when you can shop at Old Navy or Macy's.. It really baffles me.

And didn't they do their market research? Microsofties have their own gym.. hrm.