Sunday, July 06, 2008

Oh noes! No more Monte Pollino olive oil at TJs?

My favourite olive oil for the past few years has been the Monte Pollino oil that Trader Joe's sold. Sadly, the last few months that we've been to TJ's to get more olive oil, they have not had any. It seems like, in classic TJ's fashion, they've discontinued it... I will keep my fingers crossed (and maybe talk to a store manager) in the hope that the stock it again.

Antonello Imports have it for $15 a bottle (compared to $5 when TJ's had it...)

This blog post on Chowhound mentions that it seems Monte Pollino at TJ's was the same as a more expensive brand, Frantoia (which I've not seen generally in Washington - maybe DeLaurenti in Pike Place has it?)


Anonymous said...

Tried to read your post on Monte Pollino olive oil, which is my fav too. But your choice of background made it VERY difficult read.

I usually get my MP at Piedmont Grocer, now they may not be carrying it anymore! I saw it at Whole Foods, so I'm going to head over there.

I love MP on popcorn, it's so nutty and buttery!

Mark said...


The background does look pretty crappy in IE9 - looks like something changed since IE7/8. It looks OK if you enable Compatability View. If I get some time I'll update the template to look better too...