Thursday, June 28, 2007

Soupy stuff

Last year at work, the introduction of Starbucks iCup machines in the kitchenettes was a big deal. While the machines are a definite improvement over the previous filter-coffee machines we had, I've often thought I'd be happier with something else...

Maybe some Tully's coffee instead of the rather sad Starbucks roasts? It looks like another software company in the Seattle area is poised to get Tully's coffee - I'm jealous!

But no, I think the best solution is a solidly South African solution to the problem: a cup-a-soup machine. It looks like soup improves productivity no end, so the big-wigs at work should be pleased.

I wonder how many readers grew up with cup-a-soup? Did yours come with croutons, noodles and other chunky goodies? (Note: Ramen / instant noodle bowls do not count)

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